Dear Neighbor;

My name is Fred Simon, I’m not a career politician; I’m a local doctor and businessman, husband and father of three school aged children.

I decided to run for Congress because I am deeply worried about the direction our country is headed. My concerns and my passion for finding solutions to our many challenges have led me to this decision. I want to serve our community by bringing my experience and leadership to Washington.

My wife and I are acutely aware of the urgency in solving our nation’s greatest issues so that our children will inherit a country without crushing debt and where hard work, perseverance and personal responsibility are still rewarded.

Obamacare is a debacle. As a physician I have unique insight and first-hand knowledge of this failed policy. Not one word in the nearly 2,400 pages of the Affordable Care Act mentions “quality of care”. Instead, Obamacare has simply pushed more people into an already broken system. I know from personal experience that higher quality healthcare at lower cost is possible by delivering integrated care and incentivizing doctors to heal patients, not just treat them. The system needs to be reformed and my plan is a targeted attack on its most dysfunctional parts.

We don’t need bigger government, we need better governing!

We need to look critically at our education system and create opportunities for our young people to secure jobs in a competitive global economy. I have three children in public schools, I’m a product of public schools and my wife, Maria, serves on the Coronado School Board. I understand the importance of this challenge and the value in giving local agencies the freedom to allocate their resources to reflect their own values. We need a system that allows each child the opportunity to achieve their goal whether it is college or a skilled trade.

Please take a minute and explore the rest of my website. Join me in building a brighter future for the next generation of Americans!

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